Invest in the future of 5G and 360° camera technologiescommunication

Become a part of changing the world of real-time video with fully-immersive 360-degree viewing over 5G networks.

Become a part of changing the world of real-time video with fully-immersive 360-degree viewing over 5G networks.

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  • Market

    With the rapid evolution of 5G, edge networks and AI platforms positions Bimi™ to a step-function increase in capabilities and intelligence across mobile networks.
    With a large number of Social Apps, video streaming platforms, more than 2 billion MAU’s (Monthly Active User’s), and over 70% of views on mobile devices,
    Bimi™ is positioning itself to capitalize on a plurality of existing multi-billion dollar channel markets. The Opportunity is enormous.

  • Team

    The Bimi management team has decades of cross-disciplinary C-level experience within the aerospace industry along with spanning design, engineering, and consumer electronics,
    with experience helping renowned global brands like Beats, Phillips, Shure, and more generate $100M annually in retail channels including Best Buy, Target, Apple Stores, AT&T, and more.

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  • Growth

    As a strategic partner, Optimal Design – a renowned global leader in product development for 5G and 360° camera technologies, with more than 100 commercialized
    innovative wireless mobile device solutions delivered to market on time and on budget for Fortune 500 Companies such as Motorola, HP, GE, Lenovo and Nvidia – will
    quickly and cost-effectively develop and design Bimi products from concept through CM supplier production and allow our team to go-to-market rapidly.

    Optimal Design

The investment opportunity

For this round, Bimi™ is seeking a total raise of $8,500,000 for equity.

Your support will allow us to complete the following milestones:

  • 360° Camera Apparatus
  • Eyewear
  • Software
  • Integrations
  • iOS / Android user App
  • All ready for commercialization phase

Fully developed production-ready deviceson 5G ecosystem:

  • 360° Camera Apparatus
  • Eyewear
  • Software
  • All inclusive
    44 weeks
Become a Part

Revenue recognition

Bimi monetization strategy will be broken down by Revenue Channel.

Hardware Devices

  • Eyewear
  • 360 camera
  • CubeHub


  • Advertising Revenue
  • Pay-per-view (PPV)
  • Monthly Subscriptions

Commercial deployments

  • Sports
  • Concerts
  • Travel
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Other
  • Market opportunities perfect timing

    With the emergence and commercialization of 5G, edge networks, and AI platforms as enabling mobile networks to achieve a step-function increase
    in capabilities taking immersive services and experiences to the next level across mobile networks, Bimi is standing at the doorstep of a massive
    opportunity to apply this advancement in technology to proven, enormous markets for Video Chat, Sports Events, Concerts, Tourism, Travel ,
    Real Estate, Private Business, Supplier Visits and so much more.

  • Exit strategies

    This is also an industry ripe for liquidation events, as evidenced by the numerous acquisitions in this space, including:

    • Google acquires eyewear maker North for an undisclosed amount (2020)
    • Intel acquires Israeli Startup Moovit for $1 billion (2020)
    • Accenture Acquires Arca to bolster its 5G Network capabilities, for an undisclosed amount (2020)
    • Infovista acquires Empirix, bolstering its 5G network management offering, for an undisclosed amount (2020)
    • Facebook buys Giphy for $400 million (2020)
    • Microsoft acquired Metaswitch Network, a 5G-focused company (2020)
    • Microsoft acquires Affirmed Networks, a 5G-focused company (2020)
    • Zoom acquires end-to-end encryption specialist Keybase (2020)
    • SAP bought Qualtrics for $8 billion (2020)
    • IBM acquired Red Hat for $33 billion (2020)
    • Broadcom picked up CA Technologies for $18.9 billion cash (2020)
    • Salesforce to acquire Slack for $27.7 billion (2020)
    • Facebook acquires Kustomer for $1 billion (2020)
    • Twilio to acquire Segment for $3.2 billion (2020)
    • (TikTok) acquired by ByteDance for $1 billion (2017)
    • Amazon acquired Twitch for $970M (2014)
    • Rakuten acquired Viber for $900M (2014)
    • Facebook – acquired Oculus VR for US$2.3 billion in cash and stock (2014)
    • Facebook purchased WhatsApp (2014) for an approximate total of $16 billion, broken down into $4 billion in cash and about $12 billion in Facebook shares.
    • Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion (2012)
  • We’ve laid a solid foundation

    While we’re still a young company, Bimi™ has quickly laid the foundation for rapid growth in the days ahead —
    having secured a strategic relationship with Optimal Design Co., a renowned global leader in product development for 5G and 360° camera technologies.

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